Indian Hacker Claims to Leak Database of Pakistan Army and KSE Websites

An Indian Hacker who calls himself ‘Godzilla aka G.O.D’ has claimed to gain access of the front end of official website of Pakistan Army and the official website of Karachi Stock Exchange, yet it is unsure if the hacker really penetrated into the websites or not.

Godzilla aka G.O.D left the database information published on PasteBin, which according to the hacker, were downloaded by himself from the original source. 

Godzilla also left a message for the Pakistanis and their officials on the published dumps, according to him:

Pakistan Defence, if you have extra money use it for the better future of Pakistan and education of poor kids rather than using it on training camps of terrorist organisation.

./Love to all Indians..
./Long Live World Long Live Humanity..

The leaked database information can be accquired from following links:

Database of Pakistan Army’s website 

Karachi Stock Exchange 

After analyzing the database, it has been confirmed that there was no secret information leaked from the Pakistan Army’s database. However, private details of KSE workers and officials are available on the leaked database of KSE.

The leaked data contains email addresses, few names and encrypted passwords.

At the time this article was written, both websites were working online without any error.



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