Indian Hacker leaks Bangladeshi Classified Intelligence Emails

An Indian hacker who goes by the handle of Godzilla aka G.O.D has claimed to leak  top secret intelligence emails from the server of Directorate General of Forces Intelligence Bangladesh (DGFI – 

In a pastie note left on Pastebin, Godzilla aka G.O.D complete details of the leak and bashed the government of Bangladesh for its poor security.

To prove his claim, the hacker expose one funny email conversation between an unknown person Mamoon and DGFI Director as a sample proof .

According to the message on Pastebin: 

Directorate General of Forces Intelligence Bangladesh Webserver Compromised by Godzilla aka G.O.D.
To all stupid Intelligence people of Bangladesh do you know what is security??
your mail server is open to all !!!
you have all confidential mails in the server and list of all agents around the globe. I am really felling pitty for you.
I am currently leaking conversation of Mamoon with Director.WELCOME TO 2013….

Link of targeted website:

Leaked email available on:

The hacker claims that he has got hold of many emails which are totally confidential and classified, contains a lot of inside talk related to Bangladeshi defense. 

Godzilla is the same hacker who claimed to hack the server of Pakistan Army few months ago.

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