Indian Information Technology Minister Website hacked by Anonymous India

The official website of Indian information technology minister Kapil Sibal was hacked and defaced by Anonymous India for #OpIndia few hours ago. 

The group breached the site and defaced its constituency page, leaving an image portraying Kapil Sibal as  a man who considers freedom dangerous and harmful to the growth of the country. 

The deface also insulted the minister by calling him a retard, according to the message:

Kapil Sibal is the world’s biggest retard. Born with a below 60 IQ he thought he could mess with the Internet and let the elite of his party suppress freedom of speech. Although a retard, he somehow formed the rules in such a way, that everyone can censor everyone there by hiding behind everyone to be able to censor when really hurt him and his party. Confusing isnt? 

The hack was announced by the hackers on their official Twitter account,  the Twitter announcement also said that ”Victims of freedom of Expression”. He is hiding the fact that #66A is breaking the internet media.”

Meanwhile the same hackers defaced another Indian website which belongs to the government of Mizoram which is a Seven Sister States listed as in North Eastern India, sharing borders with the states of Tripura, Assam, Manipur and with the neighboring countries of Bangladesh and Burma.  

On the components page of the website, Anonymous hackers left another message against the government of India and their steps to censor the freedom of expression. The message said that:

This is Govt saying, they can still censor you if you speak against them.

 Free press is a myth in #India thanks to #ITAct #66A with latest modification the Govt will better control

 The time to sit silently is gone. Call your friends and get them to protests sites

Andhra pradesh

Venue: Dharna chowk, Indira park, Hyderabad.

Date & Time : 2nd Dec. 2012 at 4.00PM the Sunday


Venue : BBMP Corporation Circle, Opp. Vokkaligara Bhavan, Near Halasauru Gate Police station, Bengaluru,

Date & TIme: 2nd Dec. 2012 at 4.30PM the Sunday

Tamil nadu

Venue: Besant Nagar Beach, Chennai,

Date & TIme:4th December 2012, 3.30pm to 6.30pm, Tuesday.

btw this site is full of malware. not our fault.

The Minister Kapil Sibal retaliated to the hackers and said that the government has no intentions to censor the web. 

At the time of writing this article, the website was taken down and Under Construction message was displayed.


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