Indian railway hacked along with 642 by The Hacker Army for #Op:SunriseKashmir 1

The Hacker Army has joined the cyber war by hacking Indian Railway and 642 Indian websites, leaving their deface page on all the hacked websites for public for #Op:SunriseKashmir 1.

List of hacked websites:

Hackers left following deface message on the hacked websites:


As silent gazers we may seem but we have not forgotten the Pain and suffering of our kashmiri people , India has taken over Kashmir brutally and thats a truth no one can deny and now the cruel and merciless indian occupational forces are Killing Kashmiri people like they dont have any Human Rights , Now we are Saying Enough is Enough , No more Raping of our Kashmiri Sisters , No more Killing of Our Kashmiri Brothers , Its Time for india to stop.the only crime done by Kashmiris is that they have rebelled against slavery, oppression, poverty, ignorance and exploitation of the kashmiri people.

Kashmir’s history is full of such acts were humanity was putted to shame and these are in no way acts of human rights violation but war crimes committed as to spread fear psychosis among people of Kashmir demanding their inherent, pledged, fully deserved and unfettered right of self determination.

we are not afraid to die because Whenever death may surprise us, Let it be welcome if our battle cry has reached even one receptive ear and another hand reaches out to take up our Cause…

We will not stop until Justice is Delivered “;

Free Kashmir , Free The Land of the Saints <br> We are not Liberators , <br> We Defend the Oppressed and Fight the Oppressor”;

We are TheHackersArmy.

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