#OpNSA: Australian Federal Police and Reserve Bank websites taken down amid spying row with Indonesia


Thursday: An Indonesian hacker going with the handle of ./BCT_48 ‏ has claimed responsibility for taking down the official website of Australian Federal Police and Reserve Bank amid an ongoing row over reports leaked by NSA‘s whistleblower Edward Snowden that Canberra spied on Jakarta officials.

The hacker who claims to be a female, posted on Twitter that she is behind crushing down of Australian Federal Police and Reserve Bank. As it can be seen on the below mentioned tweets:

Tension between both countries remain at peak, as Indonesia has already suspended all kind of military co-operation with the Australia authorities after recalling its ambassador over spying allegations.

Response and statement from Australian Federal Police:

Australian Federal Police has confirmed that their site was taken down as a result of denial of service attack” (DoS). Yet it claims that no confidential information was accessed as the site was not connected with secret connections.

  • “These attacks are irresponsible, and will not influence government policy,” the police added in a statement.

Response and statement from Australian Reserve Bank:

The bank has also confirmed that its site was down for a long time as a result of DoS attack. However, all customer data is well protected.

  • “The bank has protections for its website, so the bank website remains secure,” a spokesman added.

Meanwhile the Indonesian hackers has given have presented their version:

  • “We targeted and took down central bank and federal police websites “because we think (they are) most important sites of government companies in Australia. “We’re going to strike again (unless) Australia apologizes to the people of Indonesia.”

Lets see if Australian government will apologize the Indonesian government. Until now there has been no sign of regret or apology from Canberra.

At the time of publishing this article, both sites were restored and working online.


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