InfinityBlack hacking group dismantled; 5 hackers arrested

Authorities have arrested 5 members of the infamous InfinityBlack hacking group known for hacking databases…

Authorities have arrested 5 members of the infamous InfinityBlack hacking group known for hacking databases, selling login credentials, distributing malware, and developing hacking tools.

The arrests were made on 29th April 2020 in Poland after a year-long investigation. The operation was a result of a joint operation carried out by the Polish National Police (Policja) in coordination with Europol, Eurojust, and Swiss law enforcement authorities.

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The InfinityBlack hacking group functioned in such a way that it ran two cybercrime platforms to offer their services which included stolen databases and login credentials known to many as “combos.” For your information combos refers to the combination of data extracted from different sources.

According to Europol’s press release, both platforms contained more than 170 million entries that have been seized. Authorities have also seized electronic equipment worth €100 000 ($108,517 – £87,160) including hardware cryptocurrency wallets and external hard drives.

InfinityBlack hacking group known for selling databases BUSTED
The image shared by Europol shows a desktop used by the group in its online operations.

However, members of the InfinityBlack hacking group also specialized in stealing loyalty scheme login credentials, selling them to other gangs. These gangs exchanged the revenue generated from selling loyalty points for purchasing expensive electronic products.

Swiss connection:

In spite of making big bucks in Poland, the InfinityBlack hacking group also targeted unsuspecting users in Switzerland. 

The hackers created a sophisticated script to gain access to a large number of Swiss customer accounts. Although the losses are estimated at €50 000, hackers had access to accounts with potential losses of more than €610 000.

The fraudsters and hackers, among them minors and young adults, were unmasked when using the stolen data in shops in Switzerland, Europol said.

In response, the Cyber Investigation Division (DEC) of the Vaud Cantonal Police in Switzerland carried out their investigations and identified a connection between buyers in Switzerland and sellers in Poland. 

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Swiss authorities then shared their findings with the Polish National Police who did an extensive search in 5 regions of the country, arrested 5 members of the infamous cybercrime ring, and announced the dismantling of the InfinityBlack hacking group on May 5th, 2020.

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