Instagram Rolls Out dedicated Page To Help Users Regain Hacked Accounts

Instagram has launched new account support for users who may have lost access to their accounts.
Instagram Rolls Out dedicated Page To Help Users Regain Hacked Accounts

Is your Instagram account hacked or facing security issues? The good news is that Instagram has launched a dedicated page to help users regain access to hacked accounts.

By using, users can now choose from a variety of options that may have led to the inability to access their accounts such as the account being hacked, forgotten password, impersonation, loss of two-factor authentication method or disabled account.

Users will then be able to follow a series of steps to help regain access to their accounts and in case of various accounts linked with the same credentials, users will be able to choose which account needs support. 

Instagram Rolls Out dedicated Page To Help Users Regain Hacked Accounts

Another new feature that Instagram proudly announced in their blog post is one that allows you to ask your friends to confirm your identity in order for you to access your account again.

In case of being locked out of their accounts, users can choose two friends who will be able to verify that the person trying to access their account is indeed you. 

In an effort to stop threat actors from even hacking any account in the first place, Instagram is testing certain preventative measures as well. Using their automated systems, they will remove accounts which are found to be malicious as well as the ones which appear to be impersonating others. 

Furthermore, if a suspected account sends a request to follow another user, they will be given a warning that the request may be coming from an account that is impersonating a business. Although these features are still being tested, they’re a step towards building a safer Instagram community

Lastly, the blue verified badge will now appear in more places across the app. This will allow users to quickly determine that the account they are interacting with is authentic. The badges will now be seen in Stories and DMs and coming soon, Feed. 

With this new round of improved security features, Instagram is sure to become an, even more, safer place than before.

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