Hack.Chat – Instantly Create A Disappearing Chat Room and Chat Anonymously

Hack.Chat - Anonymous Chatroom

From instant messaging to apps like WhatsApp and SnapChat, there are plenty of possibilities to chat on the Web, and many social media platforms are already available which allows you to create a chat room for group conversation.

Now we have got one more similar but a great option in our list i.e. Hack.Chat, which allows its users to chat anonymously. This new web-based chat room is unique in its own way. It allows everyone participating in the chatroom to remain anonymous, absolutely no sign-ups and no sign-ins.

What’s fascinating about this new platform is that the chatroom you create is disposable, which means whatever you discuss or chat on this platform will never be saved on their servers.

Hack.Chat - Anonymous Chatroom

“There are no channel lists, so a secret channel name can be used for private discussions.” – Hack.Chat website reads.

In addition to that, the setup of this chatroom is quick and dead easy – and can be thrown away once you are done with the anonymous discussion! All you have to do is simply create your own chatroom URL by adding “?” followed by the name (if you want better anonymity then use some hard to guess alphanumeric string!). And then share that URL with your friends so they can join the discussion.

For illustration purpose, we have created a chatroom for HackRead.com users, hack.chat/?hack-read.

Joining this chatroom is really straightforward, just access the unique URL, enter your nickname and you are good to begin your conversation. It works really well!

Here are some pre-made channels created by Hack.Chat so you can experience how it works:

NOTE: Just add these parameters after the URL https://hack.chat/

?lobby ?meta ?random

?technology ?programming

?math ?physics ?asciiart

And here’s a random one generated just for you: ?0qmcalis

The creator has played well with the coding and there’s a possibility of LaTeX markup, while the MS-DOS style theme gives it that geeky look.

The Hack.Chat platform was built by Andrew Belt who is physics and a mathematics student at the University of Tennessee. According to Belt, its servers don’t save any chat histories. That’s reassuring enough but, we will recommend you to act with cautiousness.

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