Intel Optane memory announced: A steroid to speed up your computer

Intel has finally developed a magic memory which would help to improve your computer’s speed. A chip named “Optane” has been announced by Intel to boost the speed of your PC, and it looks like the company is very optimistic about its development.

According to the senior vice president of Intel, Navin Shenoy, “This is the biggest advance in the memory in decades.”

How does it work?

Intel Optane is a perfect combination of speed of DRAM memory found on every computer and the stability of NAND memory of the SSDs which comes with a higher end of PCs.

Optane memory / Source: Intel

It works as a connector between the hard drive and the processor; and it stores the frequently accessed data, even when the program is closed, or when your PC is switched off, allowing the computer to work much faster almost as if you were using an expensive SSD. All you need to do is put it along with your DRAM memory, and that’s it. Optane memory chip will take charge from there, and boost your computer speed considerably.

The Good news:

According to the Intel, the magic chip “Optane” will be available in the market from April 24th and cost $44 for the 16GB model and 77$ for the 32 GB model which means that days of spending hundreds of dollars extra just for SSDs could come to an end.

“2X Faster Boot Time, 28 Percent Faster System Performance, 65 Percent Faster Game Level Loads – and That’s Just the Beginning.”

Almost every new KabyLake motherboard or above will have a built-in slot for this memory chip which means that this could be a game changer. Not only this but according to Intel, the memory chip “Optane” will also be able to boost up the speed of SSDs and M2 SSDs as well.

As per the claims made by Intel, the chip will make your PC work twice as fast, browsers will launch five times faster, and the games can launch up to 67% faster. Let’s see how the chip will perform, however, for now, it sounds like a real game changer.

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