“Internet Capacity Warning” Phishing Scam Aims to Steal Your Login Details

Let’s Welcome the New and Upcoming Phishing Scam —“Internet Capacity Warning.”

Internet users are receiving an email that claims to be sent from the “Information technology Services’ Support Department.” It informs users that their internet capacity has reached 70% and, therefore, they need to contact support department to avoid problems.

A “contact us” link is also added in the email message so that users could contact the support department and resolve the issue.

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But, actually this email hasn’t been sent by a legal or legitimate IT service support department. It is a phishing scam created to trick users so that they enter their email account login details.

When you click on the “contact us” link, you will be redirected to a bogus “Help Desk” webpage asking you to submit your email account login details, that is, username and password. Once you are done and the Submit button is clicked, a Thank-You page appears.

You will think that the issue has been resolved, but the information has been collected by cyber criminals by then and they will use it to hijack your account and send out newer spam and scam message from your side.

Such message is although sent by Internet Service Providers to issue warning that your account is about to exceed the maximum storage limit. However, in these kinds of emails the name of the service provider is always mentioned. Moreover, they never demand that you are supposed to click on a link to rectify the issue.

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