Hackers can hack Internet Connected Sex Toys and Record Videos
Internet Connected Sex Toys Vulnerable to Hacking — Hackers can not only remotely control smart sex toys but also record videos and make your life one miserable hell.

Until now Internet-connected cameras, gas detectors, mobile phones, computers and refrigerators were known to be vulnerable to cyber attacks but who would have imagined your sex toys can also cause some major problems for you? Thanks to Mr. Udo Schneiderthe from IT security firm Trend Micro who recently revealed how Internet-connected sex toys can fall under the control of hackers or cyber criminals.

It all started when Schneiderthe shocked the media during a press conference with a vibratory when he turned it on by typing some commands on his laptop. While it was funny for almost everyone sitting there, the message was quite serious ie. how smart devices are a security threat to our online privacy.

Raimund Genes, the CTO of Trend Mirco also shared his concerns about the security flaws in smart devices. He was addressing journalists in Hanover during CeBIT technology fair (the world’s largest and most international computer expo).

“If I hack a vibrator it’s just fun, but if I can get to the back-end, I can blackmail the manufacturer.” 


Turning a sex toy on is not really a serious issue, what’s bothering is how smart devices are getting smarter and manufacturers are adding new features such as recording video which can be accessed by elements looking to harm somebody.

An IT security researcher and pentester Joe Bursell investigated the market for Internet-connected toy and found “cyberdildonics” to be the next big thing.

“Apparently “cyberdildonics” are set to be the next big thing in sex toys, allowing you to share “sensations” across the internet *cringe*, and there is no shortage of products from various manufacturers, and even a social media site where you can get some random person whom you’ll probably never meet to “drive” your sex toy for you.”


If an attacker could intercept the devices communications they could portray their victim as a monumentally inept in the stimulation department, which would be hilarious and tragic in equal measure.

The research also indicated that video of rather personal interaction with a sex toy is stored in the weakly protected removable storage. Yes, you can call it naked selfie videos!


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