Internet to be shutdown by FBI on 8th March 2012?

The internet may go down for millions of people around the world on 8th March because a computer malware that has damaged pc systems in more than 100 nations across the globe. Last year, government bodies in Estonia arrested six men considered accountable for creating a destructive pc program known as the DNSChanger Trojan viruses. Once the virus is launched, it damaged pc systems in over 100 countries, and approximately 500,000 users in the United States alone.

The worm triggered web viewers to redirect them on to fake websites by modifying their DNS configurations on affected computers. The Domain Name System (DNS) is the central source of the Web’s address structure and DNS hosts are special computers around the world that act as online traffic administrators offering guidelines to sites that you wish to visit.

Though the FBI has turn down the DNSChanger system and put up surrogate hosts, they cautioned the solution was only short-term – and the court-ordered timeline is March 8. When the FBI squeezed this group, if they had turn down the criminal DNS hosts, everyone that was contaminated would have immediately been cut off from the internet, so the FBI made the decision and a different strategy. They made the decision to get an order from the trial court enabling them to change the criminal DNS hosts with genuine stand-ins so that all the contaminated pc systems wouldn’t get cut off without caution, giving them time to explain and spreading the word.

Both Windows and MacOS customers are at risk for this worm because it uses the victim’s browser, not the operating system (os). If you are somewhat specialized, you can do a self-check of your pc to make sure you’re not effected by evaluating your pc’s DNS establishing to the list of criminal DNS servers: through through through through through through

The FBI has released a reasonable guide to make self-check here if you are effected by the DNSChanger Trojan viruses or not.

FBI has said that this virus also hinders security up-dates which expose the computer to other viruses.

PS: This report is based on the internet reports and press announcements, which does not provide solid proof if the internet will be turned off on 8th March,2012. It can be rumor in the end like the well known Millennium bug back in 2000. 


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