Interview with the Chinese Hacker who hacked Microsoft India Store

There was an interesting interview taken by the representatives of   from the hacker who hacked Microsoft India website and leaked a steal millions of  login details.  The interview was taken on 25th Feb, 2012.

HackRead is sharing the interview for public information, the credit for this interview goes to 

He shares some interesting things about China’s cyber security and his life as a hacker. Take a look bellow to see what a Chinese “fearless” hacker wants from life and the hacking scene.
  • Softpedia: First of all, please tell our readers your name.
  • 7z1: My network code is 7z1 and my name is Masako Jun.
  • Softpedia: Usually, hackers don’t tell me their real names. Aren’t you afraid of the authorities?
  • 7z1: Why be afraid? I am fearless, I am not a robber, a thief. What I did with the Microsoft mall was to make sure that their security would be enhanced, I did not publish data. 
  • If it falls into the hands of European and American hackers, perhaps the data is more valuable to them!
  • Softpedia: I want to know what 7z1 means. What is the significance of this name?
  • 7z1: My old girlfriend’s favorite number is 7. 7 inverted is the first letter of my nickname, z1. The second word “zi” is my nickname.
  • Softpedia: Are you a black hat hacker, grey hat, white hat, or an activist like Anonymous?
  • 7z1: I am a black hat hacker.
  • Softpedia: Are you part of a team or do you work alone?
  • 7z1: I am now in a team. I would like to organize everything to win over the Warriors of the hacker community, in order to find all the interesting things, like the Anonymous and the McKinnon.
  • Softpedia: Where did you learn how to hack a website? Did someone teach you or did you figure out everything on your own?
  • 7z1: It was self-study. I tried to understand the problems on my own, or I used search engines to understand them.
  • Softpedia: Do you hack Chinese sites or only sites from outside of China?
  • 7z1: No, we counterattack foreign bodies, which are also on the political side. Chinese hackers are punished by the law very seriously. Our activities are very difficult, but we will still keep on going.
  • Softpedia: Do you admire the work of European and American hackers? Who inspires you the most?
  • 7z1: I appreciate the work of foreign hackers, I worship some of those hackers. Now I am starting to feel cool, I am skilled hacker that self-learned technology. 
  • In real life, because of lack of funds, I had to do some underground trading, but not related to the government and education networks. I do not do things that damage the national interest. Part of the reason is that life forced me to!
  • Softpedia: What was the most important site you hacked?
  • 7z1: The most important sites I hacked were those of the President of the Philippines Department of Communications, NOD32, and Microsoft Mall in India.
  • Softpedia: Tell me more about yourself. How old are you? When did you start hacking? Why did you start hacking?
  • 7z1: I am 21 years old, born in Guizhou, Province of Zunyi, Yuqing City. When I was 14, I lost my beloved mother. My father maintained the family home and took care of my sister. 
  • At 17, I dropped out of school. Then every day I got obsessed with networking, spent time in the Internet cafe and came into contact with hackers. I have since started to use the term “hacker”.
  • At 18, my dream was actually very simple. I wanted to live a happy life and have a family. 
  • After some time, technology was upgraded a lot. I began to be interested in some foreign gaming sites and individual sites. A few years ago, access to many foreign websites was not permitted, including the game networks, government networks, education network, antivirus, the software’s official websites. 
  • I did not work and because of shortage of funds, I began to visit hacker circles. A brother suggested that I undertake a number of underground transactions. I have been part of a number of underground transactions, but I hate to attack the government and education network, so I did not accept this type of business. 
  • I am a patriotic young person, and when the Philippines policeman hijacked the bus full of Chinese, I took part in the hack on the President of the Philippines Department of Communications.
  • Softpedia: Tell me more about the province you live in. How is life there for a regular citizen?
  • 7z1: It’s a high level of urban life consumption, wages are generally high for educated workers, that usually work in catering or in clothing stores, but at the end of the year there is almost no money to be saved.
  • Softpedia: What do you do when you are not hacking? What are your hobbies?
  • 7z1: My hobbies are singing and hacking. 
  • Softpedia: Do you have a real job now?
  • 7z1: No. A company contacted me, but I did not respond. The company is located relatively far from urban areas and the province does not have a network security company.
  • Softpedia: What type of company would you like to work for, in which domain?
  • 7z1: I’d like to work in network security.
  • Softpedia: Who are these Warriors of the hacking community you were talking about?
  • 7z1: I am talking about the Warriors, who single-handedly removed hackers from the hacker circles. I am also waiting for such people to join my team. : )
  • Softpedia: Do you know anything about China’s Online Blue Army?
  • 7z1: Recently, the Chinese government websites saw the footprints left behind by foreign hackers, but this does not rule out the spoof of domestic ignorant hackers.
  • We are not the military and we do not know a lot on it, these things are confidential in nature.
  • Softpedia: What do you think about the fact that the Chinese Ministry of Public Security closed down 8,000 illegal sites
  • 7z1: Well, I think it is necessary. The web sites of China are very messy, they need to be cleaned of and malicious binding Trojan virus sites.
  • Softpedia: Recent news reports say that 100 million Chinese users were affected by the CDN, Tianya, and Sina Web hacks. Can you share your point of view?
  • 7z1: You know, China is currently relying on real-name systems. There are well-known large sites on which the user password is not encrypted. This is not a joke for the privacy of Internet users?
  • I think the real-name system is one stupid act! Once a hacker breaks a large community, the degree of risk cannot be imagined!
  • Softpedia: Is there anything else that you would like people to know, about your hacking group, or about you?
  • 7z1: No more than the introduction of our organization. We are like Anonymous in nature. 
  • I also hope that foreign underground hackers and our coalition stand for justice, regardless of country.


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