iOS 8 Safari Browser on iPhone and iPad Can Read Your Credit Card Details

Your iPad or iPhone’s camera has become immensely powerful after the emergence of iOS 8 Safari’s new version. Its most astounding feature is that you can use it for scanning your credit card details through camera to make payments online.

Ensuing Apple’s WWDC keynote released at the start of this week, various supplementary iOS 8 features have appeared. It’s overflowing now!

The newest of all such features have surfaced via 9to5Mac, which exposed a new, well-designed labour-saving tool that’s available with the latest Safari web browser. It sanctions users to scan-in instead of typing-in their card details.

Now, making purchases from popular online shopping forums like Amazon has become extremely convenient. You only need to enter your credit card number and iOS 8 Safari will prompt you with the option “Scan Credit Card.” After selecting this option, simply activate the device’s camera and snap your card. Apple’s optical character recognition feature will automatically retrieve the related information and allocate into their respective fields. Wicked Indeed!

Seemingly, web developers need not to do anything for enabling this feature – Safari instantly detects when its services are required and prompts the choice above your device’s keypad.

This is just one of the many interesting features Apple has added to Safari. For instance, another great feature is its capability of requesting full desktop websites, a massively upgraded tab outlook for iPad users, enhanced speed, superior synchronisation with OS X Safari, and many more.

Although iOS 8 is currently available as developer beta tool only however, soon it will formally be launched. Rumours suggest that Apple will be launching it in the fall probably when it will reveal the magnum opus iPhone 6.

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