New iPhone case charges your phone battery without being plugged in

Nikola Labs has launched an iPhone case that transforms radio frequencies into DC electrical current and thus, can charge devices. The first device running on this mechanism is a case for iPhone 6. It doesn’t require extra battery though and works passively.

What if your smartphone case was able to harvest electricity right out of the air around the handset and prolong its battery life? Yes, it’s happening now!

The technology for transmitting electric current over wires was pioneered by Nikola tesla and later Heinrich Hertz showed that it can also be transmitted wirelessly. However, we still utilize the 19th-century technology for providing electrical current to 21st-century devices. Now, Nikola Labs has endeavoured to change the way our daily usage devices are powered.

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Nickola Labs, which was selected as the wild card choice by TechCrunch editorial team and the audience from Startup Alley, has launched a device that transforms radio frequencies into DC power. This device, therefore, can easily power devices.

Today, Nikola Labs launched their first such product- an iPhone6 case. This case utilizes the same technology and converts the otherwise wasted 90% of the energy that the phone produces to extract a cellphone signal and pushes it back into the phone. This way it powers up the phone for up to 30% longer. The case works passively and doesn’t need extra batteries because basically it harvests back the already produced ambient RF energy of the phone.

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Nikola Labs aims to launch this case into the market within a year in collaboration with Ohio State University since the technology originally was developed and licensed at this university.

This technology can also be used in numerous other devices such as in wearable gadgets, embedded sensors, Internet of Things devices and medical devices. It is compatible with just about any device that doesn’t need a high amount of electricity.

The case will be launched on Kickstarter within a month at the price tag of $99. Nikola Labs aims to ship it inside in the upcoming four months.

The product has been launched by Nikola Labs in that very building where Nikola Tesla lived and eventually died.

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