iPhone Saves Man’s Life by Stopping a Bullet from Close Range

For those who were complaining about the size of iPhone 5, this guy from the Fresno State owes his life to iPhone 5.

A smartphone can take a life and it can also save a life, same happened with a Fresno state student who was on his way home when an unidentified gunman, in an attempt to steal his laptop bag,  fired a shot at the victim which rather than hitting his body struck the iPhone 5s in his pocket.

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The FresnoBee reports that the shot was fired from a black semi-automatic handgun. The good news is that the victim walked home unharmed but bad news is that the thief took his laptop with him.

Here are two images of the student’s iPhone 5s responsible for saving his life.

Image Credit: Fresno police
Image Credit: Fresno police

This is not the first time when a smartphone has saved someone’s life. Previously, a Samsung Galaxy Mega phone was said to have stopped a bullet during a fight in China. In 2012, a 49-year-old man’s iPhone 4s was the only thing standing between his heart and a potentially life-ending bullet.

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