Internet in Mumbai Goes Slow As ISPs Suffer Massive DDoS Attacks

ISPs in Mumbai city of Indian suffered massive DDoS attacks a couple of days ago slowing Internet speed in the city!

Internet Service Providers in Mumbai, India stated that they have been facing a series of Distributed Denial of Service DDoS attacks affecting Internet speed in the city.

Several ISPs in the city also launched a police complaint against unknown cybercriminals behind the large-scale attack in which reportedly 200 GB/sec traffic was generated making Internet browsing nearly impossible.

Although the exact number of affected ISPs is unknown, Hathway broadband service provider went public and informed customers about the attack “Dear users due to International hacker attack on major Indian ISPs N/w, we are facing a big issue of slow speed and fluctuation of line,” reports Indian Express.

Some users took the issue to Reddit discussing which other ISPs have been affected and according to the thread, Airtel was the main target of attackers as the company provides broadband services to other companies and the defense sector in the country.

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A poster on Reddit going by the handle of “Drunkdino” said that “I’m facing this problem since Wednesday. ISP’s all over Mumbai are being DDOS’d according to the cable guy who provides broadband in my area. He says that Airtel which distributes broadband to smaller companies is being DDOS’d.”

One user revealed they were facing a similar problem in Pune city where Internet browsing was also slow while 3G or wireless internet were working perfectly. It is yet unclear as to who is behind these attacks.

India being an IT hub has a history of facing cyber attacks, however, the recent attack has crippled the cyberinfrastructure in Mumbai city. In the past, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) website was hacked by Pakistani hackers. In another cyber attack which was conducted by Anonymous, BSNL server was hacked which allowed hacktivists to steal its database and leak it online.

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At the time of publishing this article, Internet service in Mumbai city was restored to normal.

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