Iran Has Built a Drone That Actually Save Lives (With Video)

We have always heard about drones killing people in Afghanistan and Pakistan or most of the times used for surveillance purposes. But now there is a drone that can actually save lives.

Iranian engineers at RTS Lab in Tehran have successfully tested their first ever Pars Rescue Robot Drone with amazing ability to quickly locate drowning victims in the ocean and launch life-preserver floats to them, The Verge reports.

The RTS Lab conducted thirteen successful drone robot’s tests in August 2013 over the Caspian Sea, in a period of four days in which Pars was able to fly with the maximum speed of 10 m/s for ten minutes with its current design, hence proving its capability and eligibility of being used in missions with a 4.5 kilometer radius range.


The main purpose of developing this drone is to save lives, especially in places and situations where a drowning victim outnumber the available lifeguards, it drops multiple flotation devices. Other then helping a drowning victim, this drone can also help find unconscious victims and throw aid at them till the lifeguard reaches the point. 

The RTS Lab claims that all tests were successful, hoping to create more accurate version in future before commercializing the life-saving drone.

Watch how these drones work below:


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