Iran’ State TV Social Media Accounts Hacked by Pro-Saudi Hackers

Hackers took over the official Twitter account of Iran’s state Television ‘Al-Alam’ on Sunday, leaving material supportive of the Saudi-led air war against Iran-backed rebels in Yemen.

Al-Alam has blamed Saudi government for targeting the channel due to its critical coverage of Yemen war.

After taking over Al-Alam’s twitter account (@alalam_news), hackers started posting false reports about the death of Abdulmalik al-Huthi, the leader of the Shiite rebels in Yemen.

The below-mentioned tweet has been taken from official twitter handle of the hackers.

“This hack I would give it as a gift for our pilots. Think more if you are going to talk about Saudi Arabia”, according to the tweet by hackers.

In response to the hacking, the TV channel said on its website that this is a “psychological warfare” from Saudi Arabia. 

Al-Alam Twitter account and its YouTube network were hacked today, Sunday, by Saudi Arabia and were temporarily out of service. Al-Alam’s professional activities regarding Saudi Arabia’s aggression on Yemen in recent weeks have caused the Saudis to be greatly furious with this network,” according to Al-Alam’s website.

Hackers also took over the channel’s YouTube account and uploaded several Pro-Saudi messages, praising king Salman of Saudi Arabia.

At the time of publishing this article, both YouTube and Twitter accounts were hacked and posting anti-Iranian material.

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