Iranian Hacker Arrested for Hacking Over 1000 US and Israeli Websites

Iranian cyber police has arrested a hacker suspected of hacking more then 1,000 Israeli and United States based websites.  

According to a report in Trend, the Iranian hacker earlier claimed to bypass all the securities set against the sites and had not only accessed the server but also gained access to  the sensitive data stored, the reason to breach the websites was nothing but curiosity and to show that the sites have poor security.

The Iranian police official said that the hacker was tracked via Facebook.

The hacker then admitted to hack the official website of Iran’s National Television Network (IRIB), in which the hacker left a support message for the victims of earth quack that had effected Eastern Azerbaijan province of Iran few days ago.

The hacker is still under arrest and investigations are still under process, it seems that Iranian government is now taking serious measures to stop the misuse of information technology on its soil.

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