52k Iranian ID cards with selfies sold on dark web & hacking forum

The data is being sold both on the dark web and an infamous hacking forum putting the privacy of thousands of Iranians at risk.
Dark web hacker selling 45,000 Iranian debit & ID cards with selfies

Another day, another data breach – The latest one has the potential to affect Iranians online and offline.

A few days ago we reported about personal data of 42 million Iranian being sold on an infamous hacking forum including names, usernames, and phone numbers, Now, once again, thousands of unsuspecting Iranians have become a victim of yet another data and privacy breach, Hackread.com has learned.

It has come to light that a hacker(s) is selling personal details of 45,000 Iranians on the dark web. This is a massive blow to Iranians who are currently fighting the novel Coronavirus.

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According to sample data seen by Hackread.com, it can be confirmed that the hacker(s) is selling 8.17 GB worth of data with 45,221 files. These files contain copies of Iranian national ID cards, birth certificates, passports and debit cards, etc.

Example of sample data:

45,000 Iranian debit & ID cards with selfies sold on dark web

What’s worse is that the selfies of ID card owners are also among the sold data. For instance, each individual can be seen looking at the camera while holding their ID cards.

While revealing the source of the data; Mohammad Jorjandi (@s7az2mm on Twitter), who originally identified the database said that this information appears to have been collected from several separate sites including Niazpardazir, an online advertising, and utility platform and Arzi24com, a website owned by Farhad Exchange known for buying and selling Bitcoin and other currencies in Iran.

According to Mohammad, both websites suffered data breaches a while ago in which the stolen data was leaked online. However, Hackread.com did its own research and can confirm that Niazpardazir indeed does offer taking selfies with ID card features to store documents on the website or send them to others.

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On the other hand, Arzi24com is offline. Here is a screenshot from Niazpardaz’s demo dashboard we logged in for evidence:

45,000 Iranian debit & ID cards with selfies sold on dark web
Image credit: Hackread.com

Currently, the data is being sold for just $200 in BTC. The hacker also maintains to sell the entire batch to not more than 3 individuals.


Hackread.com has now learned that the trove of data is also being sold on another hacking forum. The same hacking forum that was selling 42 million Iranian phone numbers and terabytes of OnlyFans data.

It is worth noting that the listing on the hacking forum claims to sell 52,000 ID cards along with selfies of their respective owners. The price set for this listing is 0.2 Bitcoin which is around $1,463.

Dark web hacker selling 45,000 Iranian debit & ID cards with selfies
Screenshot of the listing (Image: Hackread.com)

As for its implication on Iranians, it can be devastating for their online and physical privacy as cyber criminals and state-sponsored hackers can use these ID cards for identity theft, banking scams, real-life blackmailing, and other criminal activities.

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