Iranian Cyber Crime Unit in Spotlight after Blogger’s Death

The controversial death of a 35-year old Iranian blogger has shocked everyone around the world and has put questions over the Iran’s cyber crime unit. Recently, Iran’s cyber crime laws were made stronger in order to remove violating or abusive content with precision. Since then there were many popular bloggers were arrested but a death was quite rear to see as in this case. The blogger seem to be having problems with the Iranian ruler since beginning of 2012 but recently these disputes went into violation when the Iranian cyber crime unit arrested the blogger.

The blogger, Sattar behesti, before being arrested unfolded the ultimatum’s of the Iranian cyber unit in these words:

“Either stop posting his “big mouth” attacks against the ruling system or tell his mother that she would soon be in mourning.”

His last posting on the blog was this: “We will tear down your cruel cage” . After this posting the blogger of arrested after a day’s gap and within a week’s time he was dead. All the leading human rights organizations and people in strong nations have demanded for in-depth investigations on the mysterious death of the blogger. Such pressures has made the Irani judiciary to announce an authorized investigation on this case. The interrogators of the blogger in the jail are also arrested and case has been studied properly by the code of law. Post-Morten  report has also been revealed which doesn’t show anything other then 5 wounds on the body. Thus, the cause of death was due to excessive psychological interrogation by the interrogators.

This is not the first in Iran where a blogger has been in headlines, since the induction of tighter rules on the cyber crimes the bloggers are in serious threat. Hossein Derakhshan another blogger was arrested for posting simple instructions for farsi language conversion in 2001. But the death of a blogger was the second time ever in the history of Iran criminal statistics. In 2009, a 29 year old blogger, Omidreza Mirsayafi, died same way as Sattar behesti when he was held in the bars of Tehran’s Evin prision.

But, the most shocking factor behind the death of Sattar behesti was that it’s blog got less then 30 views in the month of October in which he was arrested and died. This is a clear indication that the death of the blogger was not due to current situation prevailing it was a historic fight that has ended into his death. The fight which is still on between hundreds of Iranian bloggers and and the current ruler of Iran.

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