US Air Force Bombs ISIS HQ after Tracking Location Through Social Media Post

The US Air Force claims it destroyed ISIS HQ Building within 22 hours following a social media post from an ISIS member.

ISIS is known for frequently using social media to propagate its message and gather support. However, the latest claimed airstrike that led to the destruction of its HQ building proves that their frequent posting can lead to devastating outcomes and how a single social media can put users in problem, reports Defense Tech.

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Reportedly, the U.S. Air Force/USAF determined the location of the headquarter building of ISIS and destroyed it with an air strike after just 22 hours after the militant organization posted online.

The head of Air Combat at Langley Field in Virginia, Gen. Hawk Carlisle, said in a speech on Monday that airmen based at Hulburt Field, Florida, and the 361st Intelligence, surveillance and Reconnaissance Group identified ISIS members. They were bragging about their extensive abilities on an Internet platform. Their posts was used by the USAF to geolocate them.

It wasn’t exactly revealed how they managed to determine the accurate location but this incident gives us insight about one of the methods employed by the USAF for determining their targets.

Islamic State’s social media posts are continuously monitored by the U.S so as to learn about their developing power. Strike locations are determined through the metadata linked with images taken on cellphones.

Apart of ISIS and US air force, this incident also reveals the government’s ability to determine location of any user posting through social media. 

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