ISIS supporters hack Chile’s Ministry of Defense website

Isis supporter compromised Chile’s Ministry of Defense website on Monday night and left a message “Hacked” on its homepage,, along with the username “Saddam Hussein.”

The hacker’s message said, “Sorry Admin Because Your Site Security is Low WE aRe ISIS,” in English, whereas in Spanish the message read, “Somos ISIS, no me olviden” (We are ISIS, don’t forget me) and “alá es el único DIOS” (allah is the only GOD).

The hack occurred around 22.30 (1.30 GMT) and lasted only for a few minutes. The ministry removed the hacked page early Tuesday and directed all the traffic to the subsecretary of defense’s website.


The situation activated the corresponding alarms, measures were adopted and sensitive information from the ministry was not put at risk,” the ministry said in a short statement later adding that email security and other sensitive information were not compromised.

The ministry plans to carry out an investigation to identify the perpetrators.

National websites of Chile have witnessed cyber attacks by physical anarchist and cyber actors over the recent years; however, this was the first attack by an extremist Islamist group.

Chile was the last country on the UN Security Council to support the US-proposed military action resolution against Iraq’s Saddam Hussein government in 2003.

At the time of publishing this article, the website was restored.

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