ISIS Terrorists Kill Female Journalist, Hack Facebook Account

The terrorists first murdered the female journalist Ruqia Hassan and then hacked her Facebook account to spy on her contacts.

The terrorist from Daesh/ISIS terrorist hacked into the Facebook account of a female journalist (Ruqia Hassan) whose execution was kept secret by the group for 3 months to gain information on her friends and colleague through her social media account.

Ruqia was executed because the militant group claimed she was working as an agent for the Free Syrian Army FSA (A rebel group). Her execution was confirmed by Mr. Abu Mohammed, founder of an anti-ISIS and anti-Assad group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently Slaughtered Silently. However, the terrorist group was successful in gathering information on her Friends, colleagues and other journalists working with her.

The city of Ruqqa has been used by the militant group for carrying out all these executions which include anyone who goes against their rulings or tries to act as a spy.

Ruqia studied philosophy at the University of Aleppo and supported the opposition of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

When the militant group took over the city of Raqqa, she started uploading status and pictures related to the problems and daily routines of the militant rules. When ISIS tried to ban WiFi in the region, Ruqia tried the dark humor on the Facebook by posting message such as this:

“Go ahead and cut off the Internet, our messenger pigeons won’t complain.”

Her Facebook account went quite on July 21 and Ruqia was captured in August. After keeping her for some time, the militant group executed her.

Her Facebook account became active just last week when her friends and colleagues began receiving messages from her, according to The Independent

RIP brave lady.

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