Islamic Magazine website hacked and database leaked by @VenomSec

@VenomSec hacker who has been very active these days has hacked a website of an Islamic magazine, leaking the database online.

IslamToday is an online magazine which is operated from Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. The website was not only hacked but a massive database was also leaked on PasteBin.

The hack was announced by @VenomSec on its official Twitter account. 

Link of attacked website:

Link of leaked database:

After analyzing the IslamToday’s website, we came to know that it is not just some random small time online magazine, it has distributors  all over the middle east, for example in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Syria and Egypt.

The magazine keeps an eye on daily updates from around the world, specially the Islamic world.

@VenomSec has been attacking websites of Islamic world for couple of weeks, including the website of Afghan Islamic Press and the official website of Lahore High Court of Pakistan. In both hacks, the hacker leaked database containing usernames, passwords and other confidential information.

However, the reason for attacking the magazine site was not mentioned anywhere but from the message left by the same hacker on his previous attack was to ”protest against the on going war in the country and the Middle East, they are against the war and the anti-Islamic movie that has has resulted in spreading hate against the west”.

This is not the first time when VenomSec has leaked login information online, since September 09, 2012, VenomSec has hacked, defaced and leaked databases plus login information of more then 24 web servers, including the government and privately owned domains.

At the time of writing this article, the website was online and working without any interruption.

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