Israeli Mossad Hacked Millions of Phone Calls and Messages in France.

In a massive hacking scandal, a leaked document belonging to the US intelligence shows that Israel is behind hacking of thousands of text messages and phone calls in France.


A report publishing in Le Monde suggests that agents of Israeli intelligence Mossad has its hands behind a massive cyber attack in May 2012 on Elysee Palace, attempting to hack the communications network of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy.israel-mossad-hacked-france-calls

Similar report was published on September 01, 2013 where Ewdard Snowden had reveled that NSA spied on French Foreign Ministry. However, Israel’s name was not maintained in the report.

The U.S. authorities had denied the allegation but hinted that Israeli Mossad is behind the hacking of the communications network of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

The NSA’s Tailored Access Operations (TAO) that handles cyber attacks denied the allegations and said the US closest allies — Australia, Britain, Canada and New Zealand — were also not involved, the document reportedly noted. 

  • TAO intentionally did not ask either Mossad or (Israel’s cyber intelligence unit) ISNU whether they were involved as France is not an approved target for joint discussions,” extracts from the document published by Le Monde read.
  • A US official provided NSA with 200 phone numbers to 35 world leaders… Despite the fact that the majority is probably available via open source, the PCs have noted 43 previously unknown phone numbers. These numbers plus several others have been tasked,” said the classified document provided by Snowden.

US is under immense pressure as Edward Snowden is leaking top class secret information day by day. Just a couple of days ago it was reveled that NSA spied on telephonic communication of 35 world leaders.


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