Israeli cellphone provider Pelephone says it was not hacked

The officials at Pelephone, Israel’s major cellphone provider company has announced that it was never hacked and cyberattack was never the cause for its service disruption.

Gil Sharon, CEO of Pelephone told the media that We don’t know exactly what happened, it was a technical malfunction, but we know it wasn’t a cyberattack, we have a strong system to isolate any cyberattack conducted against our servers. 

On Sunday, the users were not able to make calls for hours and suggested that the company may have been under deadly cyber attack by hackers. 

It was in 2010 when the same cellular server providing company was taken down for several hours, putting users in a position where they couldn’t even call the company’s complaint number. However, the reason for the incident remains unknown. 

Its a known fact that Israeli is always under cyber attacks from hackers all over the world, to isolate those attacks, the government of Israel has started it own Cyber Comber Training Program.


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