Israel’s Ministry of National Infrastructures Websites Hacked by Muslim Liberation Army

The hackers from Muslim liberation Army have defaced two sub-domains of Israel’s Ministry of National Infrastructures (MNI), The hack is done for#OpIsrael to show support to the Palestine people who are under massive air strikes by the Israeli air force. 

The affected subdomains are and

Both the websites were previously hacked by MLA eleven days ago for the purpose of showing solidarity with the people of Palestine.

The hacker left their team’s deface page along with a deface message in support of Palestine. According to the message:

Gaza will Never Defeated Israel will be Deleted . We are outraged at the Palestine present condition and the Illegal occupation of Palestanaian Land By the zionist Israelis.

This attack is in response to the Injustice against the Palestinian people.

The attacked websites and their links are given below:

Hitcher from MLA is the same hacker who had defaced 570 Israeli websites yesterday for #OpIsrael.

At the time of writing this article, both websites were still hacked and displaying deface page left by the MLA.


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