Italian court ruling: Excessive cell phone usage linked to brain tumor

We all know that excessive use of anything is not a good thing, and the same is the case with the usage of cell phones. Today marked an important day in legal history as a court in Italy ruled in favor of person claiming “Excessive usage of Phone” lead to a brain tumor, reports Italy’s Repubblica.

It all began with Roberto Romeo, an employee of Telecom Italia when he sued the company claiming that the necessary phone usage as described in his job description resulted in a brain tumor for him.

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He testified in court, “I had no choice but to use my mobile to talk to colleagues and organize work – for 15 years I was calling all the time, from home, in the car. I started to have the feeling of my right ear being blocked all the time, and the tumor was diagnosed in 2010. Happily, it was benign, but I can no longer hear anything because they had to remove my acoustic nerve.”

According to Mr. Romeo, he raised this issue so that the public could become aware of what excessive use of cell phones can do to a person. Stefano Bertone, the lawyer of Mr. Romeo, said he was very pleased with the court’s decision and he appreciated the fact that the court didn’t pay much attention to the scientific studies presented by the telecommunication industry and made the judgment on fair merits.

Mr. Romeo (middle) with his lawyer.

This decision is one of a kind as this is the first time “A linkage between cell phone use and brain tumor” has been established. The doctor of Mr. Romeo told the court that 23% of body functions of Mr. Romeo are affected because of a brain tumor and now social security has a monthly obligation of $535 (Euro 500) towards Mr. Romeo.

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This is not the first time that this concern has been raised and in past, we have seen some cases similar to this one. However, it must be noted that there are a number of conspiracy theories surrounding the issue, therefore, it is too early to suggest if cell phones radiations are causing brain tumor in users.

Editor’s note: This article highlights the court’s decision not the views of HackRead as publication or its journalists.

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