Jail for Indecent Posts, UAE Implements Tougher Cyber Crime Laws

UAE’s President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has enforced amendment in the Federal Legal Decree no. 5, which combats the cyber crimes. This amendment was made Federal Legal Decree no.2 furnished in 2006. This new decree states the privacy of all the matter published online that involves Bank account number, credit card numbers and information regarding online electronic payment methods. The decree protect the duplication of credit and civil cards and states the punishments provided to anyone making extort to information available online or pursuing someone to get involved in it. We will have a full insight of this new decree step by step.


This law act makes a person criminal, who is found to have a site owned for the purpose of gambling and sending, transmitting and promoting of pornographic material. Any person even involve in urging or helping others to engage in this sort of activity is said to be an equal degree of criminal to the person actually carrying it out. Furthermore, it anyone is found to be falsely accusing third party regarding the involvement in this sort of activity would also be adjudged same degree of criminal.


Federal Legal Decree no.5 further states the copyright of any photos, video recordings, content or any other information on a particular website is illegal and anyone violating this would be deemed a criminal. Furthermore, any site involved in illegal trade of organs or involved in destroying the peace of the society by displaying the content which produces hatred among the member of the society would be deemed as a criminal act. Lastly, any site online involved in trading of unauthorized ammunition, firearms or explosives would also be punished severely.


This act states illegal of any site which helps any terrorist group or runs any terrorist group. All the terrorist sites running within UAE are deemed to be illegal and are subject to punishment. Any site is not even allowed to carry out activities which helps in providing funding to terrorist groups. Without the authorization of the government any site isn’t allowed to collect donations on their site.


The decree makes it illegal for any site to publish content against the highest level of ministry within emirates, this implies to all the level of ministry. It also makes any site publishing content that calls for a complete law change made by the current government, illegal and is subject to punishment by the code of conduct. Furthermore, any site publishing photos or videos against the government or it’s laws is also deemed to be a criminal act and is also subject to punishment.


According to this new decree, anyone found to be publishing mis-conceptions regarding the religion of Islam, this involves publishing wrong Islamic believes or presenting content that creates sects among people and allows hatred to be produced among people, is deemed to be a criminal act and is subject to punishment by the code of law.


The new decree states any person calling for demonstration, marches or strike against the government’s laws or officials is deemed be punished by imprisonment. These acts are not allowed to be carried out without the permission of the concerned authorities.


Anyone involved in trading of antiques that mainly involve art work on the web and is not licensed by the concerned authorities is deemed to be imprisoned by the code of law in UAE. Furthermore, anyone involved in providing of banned drugs, videos and audios is also deemed to be an equal criminal act as mentioned above.

 The punishments for all these acts are to be provided according to the code of law but above stated punishments are initial punishments provided to the person deemed as criminal. Furthermore, anyone from foreign country if found to be involved in such sort of criminal acts will be deported after any punishment led on him by code of law. Lastly, any person who is deemed as a criminal by the authorities would face a closure of it’s website and seizure of any equipment used in carrying out the criminal act.

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