Japanese Space Rocket Epsilon Details Stolen by a Spyware

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has confirmed that a spyware was found on November 21st, in one of the personal computer of the agency and there are high chances of data breach on its first ever Epsilon solid-fueled rocket. 

The Voice of Russia reported that the spyware was installed in one of the computer used by agency’s officials, the computer was then instantly disconnected from the local area network. The investigations are now in process, the authorities are unsure how the virus ended up in the system. If it was a deliberate cyber attack on the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency or an accident. 

It will be important to see what the investigations will reveal, if it was a cyber attack by hackers then a lot of sensitive data can be compromised, such as rocket’s specifications, its parameters, engine maintenance and protocols on agency’s meetings.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), was formed on 1 October 2003. JAXA is responsible for research, technology development and the launch of satellites into orbit, and is involved in many more advanced missions, such as asteroid exploration and possible manned exploration of the Moon. Its motto is One JAXA and its corporate slogan is Reaching for the skies, exploring space.

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