#OpNewBlood: Join Anonymous in 2013 Video Released

The famous online hackavist group Anonymous has released a video on Youtube in which they have urged the people to join them for the new year 2013. The group has warned the governments of the world to “Expect us 2013.”

The video message contains the media coverage of past hacks and operations from 2012 conducted by the group included the hacking of Westboro Baptist Church for #OpWestBoro, taking down of the CIA website , leaking of the Confidential Emails from Syrian Ministry of Foreign and other major operations that put the group in the list of most popular group around the world.

The video message has also faded away the rumors where the decline of Anonymous in 2013 was discussed, as analyzed and reported by McAfee that the hackavist group will decline in 2013.

The video was posted by Crypt0nymous from Anonymous group which explained what the video is about, according to video description:

The video was made in teamwork by Anons around the world and it content belongs to the Internet. This is only an excerpt from the actions of Anonymous during 2012. The operations which are listed in the video are only examples, there are far more operations. Some of them still running like Operation Syria.

We are still here.
Corrupt governments, organizations, corporations and all those fags left, Expect Us.
You want to join Anonymous ?
1. Share this message on blogs, social networks, video diaries tec.
2. Join #YAN for the latest news: http://bit.ly/12AJXd8
3. Join VoxAnon IRC #OpNewBlood: http://bit.ly/UcTDpB
4. Assistance guide: http://bit.ly/12R2TED
5. Follow the Anonymous twitter accounts listed in the video at2:05 or search on twitter “Anonymous” and keep yourself updated.
6. If any questions are left, ask me on twitter @Crypt0nymous or send me a message.

Earlier McAfee, the American based security software company reported that the Anonymous group which has done a lot in 2012 will decline in 2013. The reports said the group would certainly be at a decline due to its unclear and un-coordinated attacks, which made the group unpopular.

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