Brace Yourself for Kaspersky’s “Hack-proof” Operating System

Kaspersky is a security software developer and cyber security firm that is trusted by people globally. So, when the company states that it has created a hack-proof operating system, users are bound to feel overjoyed.

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According to the company’s CEO Eugene Kaspersky, this operating system has been under developmental stages from the past 14 years and now the day has finally arrived when it can be publicly unveiled. The name of the new OS is Kaspersky OS and the system was officially ready to be unveiled on November 11th that’s why within the company it is codenamed 11-11.

The OS was launched on a Kraftway Layer 3 Switch, which is the fundamental requirement for running Kaspersky OS. The Switch is designed for networks that require a high level of data security and it is like a breath of fresh air for the highly vulnerable Internet of Things devices.

The company states that the reason why they chose to start from scratch and not adopt the easier way of using Linux is because security was their main priority, which the current systems fail to provide.

“Everything has been built from scratch. Anticipating your questions: not even the slightest smell of Linux. All the popular operating systems aren’t designed with security in mind, so it’s simpler and safer to start from the ground up and do everything correctly. Which is just what we did.”

Instead of using Linux, the company decided to create an entirely new operating system, which is definitely a plus. This OS is quite different from others because of the various distinct features that it contains. Such as:

* It is Microkernel Architecture based, which allows users to fully customize the OS

* It is a GUI-Less OS and doesn’t require “even the slightest smell of Linux” to run

* The system comes with a built-in security mechanism having the ability to control the operations and behaviors of the OS modules as well as the applications. This is what makes it hacking-proof

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The system is being touted as the perfect OS for preventing hacks and spying/surveillance acts. The company claims that:

“In order to hack this platform, a cyber-baddie would need to break the digital signature, which – anytime before the introduction of quantum computers – would be exorbitantly expensive.”

This means the system is unhackable because to compromise this OS a hacker needs to get the account holder’s digital signature and this can only be done through a quantum computer.

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However, in the world of cyber security, there is no such thing is 100% secure so let’s see who will hack this OS once it’s available for the public. Stay tuned.

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