Kenyan Phone to have Unique IP Address to Combat Cyber Crimes

Africa has faced a number of cyber crimes this years. Zimbabwe Uganda and South Africa has faced massive losses this year. This is proven by a stat which list all about the cyber crimes in Africa :

“In the first quarter of this year, 8,903 cyber security incidents were reported in Africa and of those, 4,501 were related to fraud that included 2,304 phishing attacks that targeted banks.”

Keeping in mind Kenyan is set to launch unique ip address for each individual cell phone for easy tracking of cyber criminals. But information and Communication PS Dr Bitange Ndemo has said that the cellular companies are really slow in bringing this change:

“Operators are exposing themselves to litigation by ignoring the IP address procedure,” he said. “We want them to comply, because this information will be linked to other Government databases to improve integrity and combat cyber crime since we are able to trace the users.”

He announced this in a conference organized by Kenyan government to combat cyber crimes which involved cyber experts from a number of countries. Kenya now have over 20 million cell phone users around the country and they are increasing with each passing day. The internet users are have exceeded over 11 million during last few year. This fact quite clearly proves the wide expansion of gateway for the cyber criminals. If statically we see this, we can through the following reports on the increase in cyber crimes in the Africa:

Kenya lost Sh3 billion ($36 million) to cyber-crime annually, or 0.05 per cent of its economy, compared to South Africa which suffers $573 million, or just 0.01 per cent of its $555.1 billion economy. In the US, cybercrime constitutes 0.02 per cent of its $15 trillion (Sh1,290 trillion) economy.

These are pretty disastrous facts to any economy in the world and how disastrous it could get for an economy like Kenya is difficult to imagine even. Kenya have been worse-off through cyber crimes this year. Their idea to bring new ip for cellular phones is a really good ploy and team HackRead hope that they are successful in both the implication and application of it.

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