Katcr.to, so-called Kickass Torrents Mirror Stealing Credit Card Data

Kickass Torrents’ shut down has been a blessing for scammers — After Kat.am scamming users here’s Katcr.to doing the same.

It looks like these online scammers are taking full advantage of original Kickass Torrents domain shut down leading to the arrest of its alleged owner Artem Vaulin. We can say that based on these so-called mirrors and clone sites appearing on the web claiming to provide same services as the original Kat.cr site.

Just last month HackRead exposed Kat.am domain stealing credit card data of users by asking them to register an account in order to download torrents from their platform. Now, another domain Katcr.to is up and running claiming to provide legit torrents to its users but reality is far from the truth, in fact, Katcr.to is also stealing credit card data of users by asking them to register with their credit card details.

Hackread has noticed that both Kat.am and Katcr.to sites are using the same pattern to scam users with exact same torrent listed on their homepages, however, clicking on the registration tab, both sites direct users to different third-party domains which are of course scam sites.

An important fact about aforementioned sites is that both of them are extremely popular among users without knowing that they are nothing but scams. Kat.am’s Alexa ranking is 6,773 worldwide while Katcr.to’s ranking is 15,355 worldwide.


Here is a video presentation exposing how Katcr.to steals credit card details of users:

Remember, the alleged owner of Kat.cr domain Artem Vaulin was arrested on 21st July 2016 in Poland based on the transaction and login history provided by Apple, Facebook and CoinBase. Since then the Internet has been spammed with fake Kickass Torrents domain

Keep in mind that there are more scammy torrents sites on the Internet, for now, choose wisely and don’t fall for such scams.

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