Killnet Claim They’ve Stolen Employee Data from Lockheed Martin

The pro-Russia Killnet hacker group claims that the stolen information includes PII data such as email addresses and phone numbers of the company’s employees.

On August 1st, 2022, the pro-Russian hackers from Killnet claimed responsibility for a DDoS attack on Lockheed Martin, a United States-based global security and aerospace company. Now, can confirm that the Russia-linked hackers are claiming to have stolen the personal data of the company’s employees.

Screenshot shows DDoS attack claims by Killnet (Credit:

This was claimed by the group on August 11th on its Telegram channel stating that it possesses PII (personally identifiable information) data of Lockheed Martin’s employees. The information apparently includes the email addresses, full names and contact numbers of hundreds of the company’s employees.

As expected, the group is threatening to share this data. The hackers also uploaded two spreadsheets with a message in the Russian language that reads:

“For those who have nothing to do, you can email Lockheed Martin Terrorists – photos and videos of the consequences of their manufactured weapons! Let them realize what they create and what they contribute to.”

Killnet’s claims on Telegram were examined by and the files appear to be Lockheed Martin employee names, email addresses, and phone numbers, with pictures of people – probably the employees.

Leaked data as seen by

However, in a not-so-clear statement, Lockheed Martin told Newsweek that the company is aware of the hacking reports but is well-prepared with necessary policies and procedures to respond to such threats.

“We remain confident in the integrity of our robust, multi-layered information systems and data security.”

Lockheed Martin

For your information, Killnet specializes in DoS and DDoS attacks. It was formed in March 2022 to retaliate against anti-Russia forces/entities. The group was previously linked to politically motivated attacks in Lithuania, Italy, Romania, the Czech Republic, Moldova, Latvia, Norway, and Eurovision 2022.

The group was also on the radar of the Anonymous hacktivist group.

On the other hand, Lockheed Martin supplies military/defense equipment to the US military and the Ukraine army. It produces a high mobility artillery rocket system that the US provides to Ukraine in its fight against the Russian invasion.

Hence, it seems probable that the pro-Russia Killnet would want to target Lockheed Martin. However, Lockheed Martin hasn’t categorically refuted claims from the group, which raises suspicion.

In conclusion, whether Killnet’s claims are authentic or phony; the company should take steps to protect its employees’ information. Employees should also be aware of the risks of their information being stolen and take precautions to protect themselves.

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