Lahore High Court of Pakistan Hacked and Database Leaked by @VenomSec

Pakistani cyber-space which is often under attack by Indian hackers is now under attack by @VenomSec, as the official website of Lahore High Court of Pakistan was hacked and database leaked by @VenomSec.

The hack was done 2 hours ago and announced by VenomSec on its Twitter  account, leaving several questions on the security of Pakistani government owned domains.

The hacker not only gained the access of the website but also managed to leak its database on Pastebin, leaving question mark on the security provided to the government sites. The leaked data contains user ids, usernames, encrypted passwords, columns and tables from the website.

In one of its Twit, the VenomSec announced that High Court’s website password was ”123admin” Having such a nonsense and easily accessible/guessable password can only be known as carelessness from the website administrator. It also proves that in case of any cyber-war between Pakistan and any of its cyber enemy, government owned Pakistani websites will be easy target.

LHC was established as a high court on March 21, 1919 making it the country’s oldest court of law. The hack is very important in many ways; the Court is currently hearing several terrorism and criminal cases, imagine the damage if hackers hack and leak case related sensitive information.

Link of targeted website:

Link of leaked database:

@VenomSec is among the list of those dangerous hackers who have been leaking important databases from the websites of government owned institutions for over a year, just a week ago Afghan Islamic Press Website was hacked and database was made public by the same hacker.

While this is not the first time when Lahore High Court was hacked, last September, 2011 the website was not only hacked but the database was also leaked by N3T ATT4CK3R, in which a lot of data was made public.

At the time of writing this article, the website was restored and working.




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