Now Translate Languages Effortlessly with This Tiny Earpiece

Image Source: Waverly Labs
Technology is awesome — This tiny earpiece is an example!

Technological advancements have enabled us, humans, to attain the privileges that otherwise are hard to gain; such as the ability to see while being completely blind or color blind, and hear the farthest of noises with exceptionally efficient new-age earpieces. However, with every such invention, researchers become determined to explore more of the weaknesses that cannot be overcome easily physically and provide helpful, sustainable and effective solutions for addressing those weaknesses. This article informs you about one such innovative product that will change the way you interpret and learn languages.

Next week the New York-based startup firm Waverly Labs is going to release the crowdfunding campaign of its new device Pilot. The pilot is a groundbreaking in-ear automated device that appears just like an earpiece but with exceptional ability. This device will help us translate languages easily and overcome the incessant language barriers faced during communicating with a non-native. With Pilot, communicating with users of different languages will become so much easier for

Image Source: Waverly Labs
Image Source: Waverly Labs

The in-ear device is being touted as the world’s “first new smart earpiece.” It is surely smart because it lets people bridge the gap that is usually created by not being able to understand each other’s languages, especially in the professional world. This device comes with a smartphone app that will help you operate it and use its functions. You will be getting two Bluetooth earbuds with which two people from different language preferences will be able to communicate in real-time.

Image Source: Waverly Labs
Image Source: Waverly Labs

Waverly Labs hasn’t specified what sort of technology has been used by the company in the creation of this gadget. All that we know is that it utilizes the “translation technology,” which has been embedded in the smartphone application that comes with the package.

The company has also posted a brief video demonstrating how the Pilot works. According to a Waverly Labs employee who developed the idea and prototype for this device, he thought about creating such a device after meeting a “French girl,” with whom he couldn’t communicate at all due to the language barrier.

Languages available:

English, Spanish, French and Italian while East Asian, Hindi, Semitic, Arabic, Slavic, African, etc will be available soon.

The Pilot can be used offline as well. Its current version can translate between a few languages as of now. These include English, French, Italian and French. The company plans to add more languages to its database later on.

On 25th May, the developer firm will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo so that those interested in buying can pre-book the Pilot for $129 and $179. When it will be released, the device will be retailed at $250 and $300 while it will be available in white, black and red colors. It is expected to be released in the third quarter of 2016.

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