Larimer County Sheriff’s Office Website Hacked by Pro-Palestinian Hackers

The official website of Colorado’s Larimer County Sheriff’s Office ( LCSO) was hacked early Tuesday morning by famous hacking group AnonGhost.

Officials running the website acknowledged the hack when visitors started complaining on Larimer County Sheriff’s Office’s official Facebook page.

Hackers left a message along with a deface page on the targeted Larimer County Sheriff’s Office, bashing the governments of the world for not doing enough for the people globally.

The deface message on the website was expressed in following worlds: 

“This message is addressed to all governments…You have failed as expected… “You can’t stop the movement anymore…you can try to stop us, but we will always find a way to resist”

A full preview of that deface page is available below: 


One of the representative from LCSO Mr. David Moore claims though the site was hacked but no secret documents or login credentials were stolen. We are investigating the issue to know how and why our website was hacked.

Link of targeted website along with its zone-h mirror as a proof of hack is available below:

This is not the first time when AnonGhost has hacked a U.S. based government website. In past the Hillside Illinois Police Department and Military Boarding School Website were also hacked by same group. 

At the time of publishing this article, the LCSO website was restored and working online.

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