Las Vegas Police Department [ LVPD ] Hacked By Z Company Hacking Crew

Website of  Las Vegas Police Departement’s recruitment center has been hacked by Zhc BlackOne HaXor of Z Company Hacking crew, leaving their deface page and a message on the main page supporting Palestine and Pakistanis, while explaining who is the real enemy, criticizing US’s role in killing of Muslims in Palestine by Israel and burning of the Holy Quran by US Solider in Afghanistan.

According to the deface message:

The insidious evil of Zionism from the standpoint of US lies in inspiring the alliance of US Zionists and Neocons. These political factions have joined in a commitment to maintaining a racist Jewish colony in Palestine by means of the brutal oppression and suppression of the natives.

– Wake up American’s! The Palestinians; Pakistani’s; Muslims, in general, are not your enemy! Your enemy walks in the corridors of your administration! The ones sending your son’s to kill Muslim Children and to be killed – for Israel; for The New World Order (NWO) Globalist agenda; for greed!

– You may be inspired by misguided feelings of guilt and a confused need for atonement – but how much guilt do you wish to pass onto your children as surely every empire weakens and America is weakening – what will they answer when asked ‘ why did your forefathers kill so many of our children and rape so many of our women’ – What atonement will they receive?

– You burn the Holy Quran, You use drones to kill innocent Muslims in Pakistan, You cause controversy in the Arab lands for oil, You ban the niqab, You kill innocent Muslims in Palestine, You torture innocent Muslims in Guantanamo bay, You rape & torture Muslim women(Aafia Siddiqui), yet we are the terrorists. . . . . . . .

Targeted Website:

ZHC has been working for over 6 years for Kashmir and Palestine cause, since then the crew has damaged top domains and servers of  US, Israel and India.

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