Another Popular YouTube Channel ‘LeafyIsHere’ Hacked; Defaced

Another day another Youtube hack — After hacking WatchMojo, RedMercy and Lilly Sing’s YouTube channels the Poodle Corp hackers have taken over LeafyIsHere’s channel!

LeafyIsHere’s YouTube channel has been hacked! Yes, LeafyIsHere, a popular YouTuber from Layton, Utah famous for making reactionary and commentary videos has been hacked by PoodleCorp just a few hours ago.

The owner of LeafyIsHere channel is Calvin Vail who has been active on YouTube since 2011 but now he has fallen victim to the ongoing hacking spree in which PoodleCorp group has been taking over top YouTubers and renaming their videos.

LeafyIsHere has around more than 3million (3,763,891) subscribers on his channel and recently he uploaded a video celebrating the massive subscription list but little did he know that hackers had their eyes on him. So upon taking over his account, the hackers renamed every single video title of his with one of their own. Those visiting his channel could see ”hacked by” message.

Here is an exclusive screenshot we took from the hacked channel:


Poodle Corp is the same group who hacked WatchMojo, Redmercy gaming and Lilly Singh’s YouTube account. The group also took over other social media channels of Redmercy and Lilly Singh including Twitter and PayPal however in the case of LeafyIsHere there is no sign of whether Poodle Corp was able to get any of his social media handles other than YouTube.
Check the video showing how hackers defaced entire video listing of LeafyIsHere YouTube channel: 

Once again Google has a lot to answer about their YouTube security and if two-factor authentication is even worth enabling on Google products. At the time of publishing this article, Lilly Singh’s YouTube and Twitter accounts were restored.

At the time of publishing this article, LeafyIsHere’s YouTube channel was still hacked.


According to a Tweet from Calvin Vail his YouTube account has been restored:

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