Meet “Legion Hacking Group” Hacking Bigwigs of India

Legion Hacking Group needs no introduction because this is the same group of hackers that hijacked the Twitter accounts of various high profile Indian officials. These include the Twitter handles of Indian Congress Party and its Vice President Rahul Gandhi, renowned Indian business tycoon Vijay Mallya and two popular journalists namely Burkha Dutt and Ravish Kumar.

The objective of the group was to steal private, classified information related to these famous personalities and to display defamatory remarks on their Twitter accounts, reports the Washington Post.

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Hackers leaked personal info of Mallya on Twitter | Image Source: BGR

The same group has strike again and this time it has managed to allegedly access over 40,000 servers in India including servers of Apollo, the leading private hospital chain in the country. It is being claimed that Legion has stolen terabytes of “raw data concerning all sorts of ‘interests’.”

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The group has claimed that its next target would be Lalit Modi, another big shot businessman. Modi is a strong supporter of the BJP, the party currently in power in India. When inquired about the motives behind targeting high profile Indian officials and businessmen, a member of the group told Mashable India that they were trying to “connect dots.” The member further revealed that they also are thinking of dumping “ emails.” The Legion member stated that this dump is going to be “quite big it includes a lot of _BIG FISH_.”

“It is believed that Legion group is from India and not from Pakistan or China.”

Another Legion group member stated that they targeted Apollo and acquired access to all of its servers. This is the same hospital where J Jayalalithaa was hospitalized prior to her demise. The only reason Legion hackers are not releasing the data they have obtained from these servers is that they do not want to cause “chaos” in India right now.

Moreover, Legion has revealed that Indian digital banking system is really weak and extremely vulnerable to hacking. The group has claimed to “have confidential data pertaining to NPCI /IDRBT (hub servers, and the encryption keys/ certificates used by some banks in India.” However, at the moment the group is just collecting data and is in no mood to exploit the vulnerabilities.

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According to the group’s members, their numbers is in the “higher single digits” and their primary goal is to expose “as much classified information” to the public as possible. When the inquired about targeting Congress party and not the ruling party BJP, the group’s member bragged that they will soon “own them too, when the time is right.”

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