Another Popular YouTuber Lilly Singh’s Channel Hacked

Poodle Corp hackers have done it again — This time, the victim was Lilly Singh!

There is something awfully wrong about Google’s security these days as one after another top YouTubers are getting their channels hacked. Recently, the world renowned video channel WatchMojo and gaming commenter Redmercy had their accounts hacked and now the latest victim of this hacking spree is Lilly Singh, an online celebrity with a massive following social media.

It all happened on 26th June when Lilly realised her YouTube and Twitter accounts have been hacked and posting crazy unrelated content, things went serious when hackers started renaming titles of her almost every YouTube video.

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It’s still unclear how both of her accounts were hacked but it seems Lilly was doing a similar mistake like WatchMojo and Redmercy and that was using the same password on all of their accounts leading them to hack other social accounts. Anyhow her team was quick to get hold of her YouTube account having 9 million followers but it took them a while to restore her Twitter account with 1.48 million followers.

An important point to ponder here is that the hackers behind WatchMojo and Redmercy accounts didn’t post any status on their Twitter handle about hacking Lilly’s social media accounts, however, Lilly herself tweeted and mention the term ”poodle” which takes us to the conclusion that Poodle Corp was behind the hacking of her accounts. Remember, Poodle Corp was behind the hacking of WatchMojo and Redmercy.

Watch the video below in which Lilly Singh is explaining what happened to her YouTube and Twitter accounts:

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Once again Google has a lot to answer about their YouTube security and if two-factor authentication is even worth enabling on Google products, however, the good news is that aAt the time of publishing this article, Lilly Singh’s YouTube and Twitter accounts were restored.

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