MugShot Program Provides You Picture of Culprit Trying to Hack You

If you feel continually threatened by hackers then this program will help in tracking the culprit and definitely offer you some relief.

You must have received an e-mail from a service informing you about some trying to break into your email account. You must have thought.. who would do this to me?

Well, now you can take a picture of the person trying to access your account. All you need to do is register yourself on this new password manager service called LogMeOnce.

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TheDashboard of LogMeOnce showing hacker’s geolocation.

LogMeOnce hacks the camera and snaps a picture of the person spying on you regardless if the cam is attached to a PC or a mobile device.

The feature that takes the photo is called “Mugshot.” It was officially launched on Tuesday and offers exclusive features that no other app/software offers. Such as you can grab a picture of the hacker through the mobile’s front camera, get hacker’s location and even IP address. IP address is a unique set of numbers that make every computer appear unique and identifiable on the network.

LogMeOnce was incorporated in 2011. Its chief executive Kevin Shahbazi calls this feature a digital burglar alarm. He believes that the technology has been aimed at protecting users by revealing the location and identities of hackers.

According to Shahbazi the feature is “identical to an alarm system that everyone uses to protect their home, business or property,” the only difference is that it is for the digital devices. In fact, Shahbazi compares this technology to the nanny-cams, television’s closed-circuit cameras and similar other security measures. Tracking hackers through their own trick, that is, by hacking is called the “hack back” system.

Image Credit: LogMeOnce

This system although falls into the gray area from legal and moral perspective but cybersecurity experts claim that it is nothing else but “active defense” strategy. Such strategies are definitely the need of the day since the threats from anonymous hackers are increasing day by day. Nonetheless, officially private companies aren’t allowed to hack back by the US government.

However, Shahbazi states that his offered software is legal and akin to cameras that guard ATMs and help to catch robbers. He also drew similarities between his app and other location apps like “Find my iPhone.” LogMeOnce just takes the matter a step forward by offering a highly advanced hack track tool to the users.

Shahbazi clarified that LogMeOnce never gathers any other personal data of hackers and it is just a legal measure to “to protect your assets, passwords, or access to your online banking credentials,” reports The Washington Post.

Here’s how it works:

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LogMeOnce also offers some very useful features other than tracking the hacker. For instance, it lets you change all your stored passwords at one, it offers a password “scorecard” to check out the strength of your password, and a password calculator that creates a strong and unique password for you. You may also select a “password beneficiary” who will be able to access your account after your demise.

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