LTE Security Flaw Puts Android Devices Vulnerable to DDoS Attack

An alert from Carnegie Mellon University CERT database reveals how Android devices are affected by LTE security flaw and use for DDoS attacks.

The alert says nearly all the users on Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks are vulnerable to denial of service attacks (DDoS) from the hackers.

The most vulnerable are the android users on networks like AT&T and Verizon.

Basically, the LTE networks work in a different way to that of traditional networks. Instead of circuit switching, LTE networks use packet switching. This allows hackers to use SIP protocol and attack the smartphone via wireless networks.

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Once exploited, the DDoS attack can allow hackers to make unlimited calls and data usage from your phone without being notified. This can also set up large bills against your name, which is why this vulnerability is very troubling and needs answers soon.

Google will soon be releasing an update for its nexus phones to counter this vulnerability. Apple phones are safe from this flaw but if you have carrier provided phones or from brands like Samsung or LG you will have to wait until the brands or carriers come up with something.

Mind you, carriers are very slow to react to these things so be cautious while using your phones.


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