LulzSecPeru defaces, leaks data of Peru’s government portals for using NSA’s backed hosting service

LulzSecPeru known as one of the most skilled online hackavists are back, this time by the hackers have hacked and defaced the government of Peru’s Citizen Service Portal for using hosting services of Global Crossing’s server (now known as Level 3 Communications) that allegedly provides personal information of site’s users to American’s National Security Agency (NSA).

Along with the defacement, LulzSecPeru also managed to dump huge amount of personal data on Pastebin that includes site’s database, users and administrator details such as emails, usernames and telephone numbers.

While the site was left with a deface page and a message, explaining reason for attacking the site and what they want from the government. The deface message was expressed in following words:

  • Umm OK, let’s be honest with you, the websites and e-mails of the state is hosted on the servers of Global Crossing. Global Crossing is the leading vendor of information to the NSA, so all of the state they are giving to the NSA. Tip THIS SUPPLIER beat it. The website of the Presidency of Peru and the mail server are hosted in the country the United States, as may be possible that even this after U.S. intelligence continues to operate in that country. Mr. “Mirko Repetti” GLOBAL CROSSING current PERU manager is a charlatan to tell all your customers that provide security for your data when you do.

Other then the portal, hackers also defaced two more government sites for the very same reason. Leaked data, targeted links and mirrors of hacked sites are given below: 

  • Leaked data:

Global Crossing Limited was a telecommunications company that provided computer networking services worldwide which was sold to Level 3 Communications in 2011.

At the time of publishing this article, all websites were hacked and displaying deface page left by the hackers.


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