Top 5 macOS Monterey Issues You Might Need to Fix

If you have recently started using macOS Monterey here are some of the issues and their solutions you need to be aware of.
Top 5 macOS Monterey Issues You Might Need to Fix

If you have recently started using macOS Monterey here are some of the issues and the solutions you need to be aware of.

Apple’s macOS Monterey was released recently and Mac users were excited to update their operating system and enjoy its new features. Some of its latest features are improved Safari, FaceTime, and the new Universal Control. Despite its wonderful features, macOS Monterey is not without issues.

Some users have reported installation issues, apps performance, and external mouse issues. These are common issues that you can easily fix without the need to call a programming professional. Here are some of the issues and their fixes. 

Memory leak

One of the possible macOS Monterey issues is the Monterey app memory leak. It is a scenario where an app gets bugged and runs for a long time in the RAM and uses a lot of space. Eventually, users receive a low memory warning or an app is using too much RAM warning. 

This problem can be overly annoying because if the bugged-out application continues using too much memory, it affects the entire system and your Mac becomes slow. You cannot run other applications well because they will take a long to open or to save any type of file. 

Instead of spending too much time waiting for applications to open or files to save, try to shut down the system and switch it on again. If it fails to shut down, you may switch off the power and reboot the system. 

The battery drains too fast

Another commonly reported problem by users who have installed macOS Monterey is the Mac battery draining too fast. This is a common issue that can be experienced with most operating systems once users update to the latest version. The latest macOS Monterey is built for superb performance and it requires more energy to perform to its maximum. 

With time, the problem will clear all by itself and your battery will no longer drain fast. In the meantime, there are some fixes you can work on to help your Mac battery power last longer. 

Close every application you are not using and only open it when necessary. Some applications keep running in the background. Force quit them and update any outdated apps. You might opt to use Safari instead of other browsers. 

The Bluetooth cannot connect

Bluetooth connection issues are a widely reported problem by the new macOS Monterey users. Bluetooth connection has a wide range of issues where the Bluetooth fails to work on Mac. Sometimes it connects and then disconnects. It might fail to find nearby devices or find them but fail to connect. 

There are several options you can try to see if Bluetooth will work on Mac. If it fails, try the next method until you find one that fixes the problem. Switch off your Bluetooth and on again. The next option is clear cache preference. 

The open application is then terminal. Choose reset Bluetooth. You may also reset the Bluetooth device you want to pair and switch it on. 

macOS Monterey fails to shut down

You might experience a shutdown issue after upgrading your operating system. It works okay when turned on but when the time to shut down comes, it fails. The main cause could be applications that are interfering with the shutdown process. It could also be that several applications are running in the background that keeps interfering with the process. 

To fix the issue, check if there are applications that are open and close them all. Go to the menu bar and click on quit all. Click quit all and wait for the open applications to close, then shut down your Mac. 

If that option fails to work, it means the background apps are failing to close. Open the menu and click on view background apps. Click on quit all background apps. Wait for them to close and then shut down the Mac. 

Crashing applications after upgrade

There is a likelihood that you will experience crashing apps soon after upgrading to the new macOS Monterey. This could be caused by compatibility issues. Every application is created to run on an operating system. 

It is coded in a way that it will be compatible with that system to perform well. If not, it will either fail to install or if it installs, it crashes every time you try to open it. If it was working with your older macOS version, what you should do is update the application and it will no longer crash. 

Go to the updater and select all applications, then click update all instead of updating one at a time. After the update, the apps should work well but if any fails, it means it’s not compatible with macOS Monterey and the only option is to remove it. 


The new macOS Monterey has new and more exciting features that make the user experience better. However, the operating system is not without issues but most of them can be fixed DIY.

Some of the issues are Bluetooth failing to connect, the system not shutting down, and memory leak. These are not serious issues that warrant visiting an expert but you can fix them yourself and continue working on your Mac. 

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