Pervert arrested for taking candid photos of women, posting on Twitter

The authorities in Calgary, Alberta have arrested a 42-year-old who took photos of random women without their consent. He would then post those pictures on his Twitter account that had over 17,000 followers.

The account was named ‘Canada Creep,’ and it existed for over a year. The man operating it, Jeffrey Robert Williamson of Calgary, had been taking pictures and videos of women in secret and posting them online. It also included underage girls, where the youngest one known was a 14-year-old cosplayer.

Williamson was arrested last Tuesday and is currently in custody. He has been charged with voyeurism, as well as the publication of voyeuristic recordings. According to Vice, several terabytes of data was confiscated from his house and that includes hundreds of thousands of different images that were taken over a long period.

Jeffrey Robert Williamson

As for his Twitter account, it got suspended, but only after having around 500 posts of photos or videos that Williamson has taken. He visited events like fandom convention Calgary Comic, as well as Entertainment Expo where he took hundreds of pictures of victims from their backsides as well as private areas.

Screenshot of the ‘CanadaCreep’ Twitter account

One of his victims, a 22-year-old Alexandra Constantinidis has stated that she was shocked after discovering a 45-second long video of her walking down the street. The video was taken without her consent or knowledge, and as soon as she discovered it, she contacted the police.

She also said that the videos were seen and shared thousands of times, which she described as shocking and disgusting. She was also surprised that the account was not taken down earlier since many were reporting it because of its content. When the police were notified of the matter, the account was shut down in less than 24 hours which was pretty impressive.

Sgt. Cory Dayley of the Calgary Police Service Staff has stated that taking these pictures could cross into criminal territory. Even more alarming is the fact that content like this was not reported for so long. People have just ignored it or even worse, supported it.

Constantinidis wants to see criminal charges against Williamson, as well as to get justice for other victims. This includes bans from social events like the comic conventions.

For now, police are expecting, even more, charges, but the investigation is still ongoing so that nothing can be known for sure at this point. Those who believe to be victims of this man are asked to contact the Calgary Police Service and identify themselves. It could help the investigation, and prevent such incidents from repeating themselves.

This is not the first time when a creep pervert like Williamson has been exposed. A few months ago, Aaron Stahl of Florida was arrested after a woman filed a complaint with the police against him explaining that while she was shopping at a store, Stahl crouched down and slipped his lightened iPhone5 under her skirt.

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