Man arrested for uploading Deadpool on Facebook may face 3 years in jail

Trevon Maurice Franklin, a Fresno, California resident uploaded the blockbuster movie Deadpool on Facebook in February 2016 just 8 days after its release in theaters. Now consequently he has been arrested by The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

21-year-old Franklin was arrested last week and charged with copyright infringement. If convicted Franklin will face three years in a Federal prison.

Deadpool movie is copyrighted by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation who said that the copy uploaded by Franklin on his Facebook page was viewed more than 5 million times.

Apart from uploading the movie on Facebook, Franklin made 10 physical copies of it, said the Bureau. However, it is still unclear if he sold the copies or uploaded to other sites.

In a conversation with ABC, Franklin’s attorney, Mr. Roger Bonakdar said that he believes the agency is trying to send a strong message to the people out there to show those involved in piracy have to face severe consequences.

“They are trying to send a message with this case. “To the community to warn them that there are very serious consequences to something they think is innocuous.”

Mr. Bonakdar who has a history of representing clients in copyright infringement cases advised young Internet users to be careful about what they upload on the Internet.

This is not the first time when authorities have arrested someone for uploading content on the Internet without the permission of its owner. In December last year, London police arrested a 39-year-old man for uploading UK’s Top 40 singles on The Pirate Bay and KickAssTorrents website.

In 2015, a 15-year-old also from Fresno, California was arrested for posting Eminem lyrics on Instagram.

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